DoYourHomeWork BMG Workshop Business Model Innovation

Business Model Generation Workshops

Get Speciall!
1-x day BMG Workshop.
We create an agenda from the other workshops for your speciall needs.


Get Started!

2 days BMG Workshop.
Visualize your business model and get an overview of what is important. "The basics"!


Get Customer Focus!
1 day BMG Workshop.
How to match the customer’s
Jobs-To-Be-Done to Your value proposition and offerings.

Get Advanced!
1 day BMG Workshop.
Methodical work with innovation and improvement as well as how you test and validate.

Used models

Doyourhomework uses only accepted models and tools from
These are used by large global companies, SMEs, start-ups, and universities around the world.


BMG = Business Model Generation
Contains a variety of Canvases and a number of other tools.
BMC = Business Model Canvas
Describes 9 different parts of a business model.
VPC = Value Proposition Canvas
Describes the client's profile (Jobs-to-be-done) and the match to your offer.