DoYourHomeWork BMG Workshop Business Model Innovation

Innovate & improve - get advanced!

BMG Workshop Goals:

  • You understand the difference between Innovation and improvements and what is important in both cases.
  • You understand how you can work with Design Thinking as a method to methodically generate the best ideas.
  • You can test and validate your ideas.
  • You get a way to handle changes!

Inspirera, engagera, introducera!

1 day BMG workshop. 8:30 - 16:30. Lectures and group work.
To get to a dynamic workshop, there should be 8-25 people.
Prerequisites: If you have taken part of Value Proposition canvas - Get customer focus! You might get a little more out of this. Otherwise: We make a quick re-cap.
High-level agenda:

  • Inspiration and introduction to the Value Proposition canvas model.
  • Group work: Innovation hands-on.
  • The difference between Innovations and Improvements.
  • Design thinking method, introduction and group work.
  • Testing & validation, introduction and group work.
  • Your tools to continue working on this.

Short Video om Airbnb Business model innovation och & Improvments (Experiences!)

Short Video on Design Thinking 

For who?

Business Leaders, Management Groups, Business Developers, Product Managers, Leading Business Developer, Consultants, Sellers, KAM, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employers, Investors and Project Leaders.

Take charge of the changes!