DoYourHomeWork BMG Workshop Business Model Innovation

Tailor made for You!

BMG Workshop Targets:

We will have a dialog about what you want to achieve and your needs.
  • You are about to make a new product or services and you need to verify that you can avoid expensive changes further down the road.(or total flop)
  • You need to build a common language and verification in your developing and founding process. Inc good decision templates.
  • You need a repeatable model and way of working to create and monitor changes, quick changes in your existing business model and value propositions.
  • You need ideas of how you can improve your existing business models and value propositions.
  • You need a way to handle the accelerated speed of change in our business world.
  • You will get a visualized canvas for continues work!

Workshop at your location!

 1-x dagars BMG workshop. 8:30-16:30. Monologue, dialogue and Group Jobs.
To have a dynamic workshop it should be some 4-25 persons.
Pre knowledge: None. We start were you are and your needs.
Agenda high level

  • Inspiration and introduction to Value Proposition and Business model innovation – always included.
  • We have earlier created a tailor-made agenda based on your needs and wanted achievements.
  • Your tools to continue by your selves.

Competing on Business model

For whom?

Teams, groups of people of Business Leaders, Management Groups, Business Developers, Product Managers, Leading Business Developer, Consultants, Sellers, KAM, Entrepreneurs, Self-Employers, Investors and Project Leaders.