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Business Model Help to SMEs = Snowball Effect!
Our planet and all of us who live here are a bit on our way to destruction and we need to create a powerful and rapid change. Unfortunately, we have little chance of reaching set goals (Paris agreement etc.) without a more powerful and focused venture. The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency describes it as:
"A growing population and increased economic activity are spending the world's resources faster and faster. We need sustainable development and an economy based on cycles - a circular economy."
In order to achieve this, the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (like many others) has also reached the conclusion that we have to start working with new business models and new value propositions. 
Waste should become assets,
product should be service,
owning should be using.
Most importantly, no residual waste should be created which in one way or another litters and pollutes the planet.
Part of this is new technology. In some cases, it can be absolutely crucial. But new technologies like digitization; AI, IoT, etc. are not enough.

The steps needed:

  1. Invent new technology
  2. Insight into what new technology can do
  3. Application of new technology, what we can do with it, use case
  4. Business model, commercialization, selling, delivering, saving costs

"Technology does not make money, Business models do!"

We are really good at coming up with new technology in Sweden. We are also decent at getting insight into what new technology can do. A little worse on thinking about applications and how to use them and unfortunately less good at business models. Although there are exceptions.
How many small and medium-sized companies can draw up their business model? I guess that to a large extent "it just ended up this way", or "we've always done it like this". It is probably even fewer who actively work with the changes of the different subsets of their business model.
In large companies, for many years, Lean projects have been streamlined and implemented, so many business models are much slimmed down. Their challenge is that several different departments are responsible for just their particular part of the business model and have their KPIs, which sometimes collide with another part and departmental KPIs in the business model. They also have difficulty mixing operational management of existing business and innovative testing environment for new business.
So where should the support and big help be of best use?

  1. Help SMEs to start working with business models and value propositions.
  2. Do it all over Sweden.

It probably starts the best snowball effect!

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